Create your own and Personal Playlist

The easiest way to create your personal music playlist on Google Drive. Listen to your favorite music on your Voice assistant.
Create your own playlist by uploading your music on Google Drive.
Sign in on Music Home and save your playlist folder link.
Enjoy your personal playlist on your Voice assistant.
Easy setup

No extra devices needed

Help you to play your favorite music without the hassle. You only need a Voice assistant to listen to your music, nothing to install:

  • NO need to have a server
  • NO need to turn on a computer
  • NO need to turn on bluetooth
  • JUST need a Voice assistant
Listen to your personal and own playlist Alexa
Personal playlist

Control to your music with Voice

Listen to your music on your Voice assistant. Music Home is the perfect skill to create your own and personal music playlist.

Store your personal music on Google Drive and we handle the rest. Play your own music by only saying 'Alexa, open Get Music Home'

Play music from Google Drive on Alexa